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Birthdate:May 9
Punie's companion from Waku-Waku Mascot Village, Paya-tan is a dog-like creature with a single horn, and two distinct personalities. He became Punie's mascot after she defeated him in unarmed combat with her Princess Head Lock, although not before warning Punie that he will grab any opportunity to make attempts on her life, which she confidently agreed. While assisting Punie, he behaves cutely and speaks in a high-pitched voice. At other times, he attempts to assassinate Punie and behaves in a more adult fashion, speaking in a deep voice and smoking a cigarette. Paya-tan served as an army colonel during the Vietnam War and it has also been implied that he had fought in Russia as well. He also is extremely flexibe and can rotate his arms and legs in a 360 degree motion.

[Paya-tan is from Magical Witch Punie-Chan, aka Dai Mahou Touge, and is the property of Hideki Ohwada and Studio Barcelona. He appears here solely for RPing purposes and absolutely no profit of any kind is being made. Thanks for not suing.]
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